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When your cat develops sniffles and itchy ears, several factors could be responsible for making your cat miserable.Learn the answer to the question: My cat keeps sneezing, coughing and being sick.

However, you should be worried if your cat frequently sneezes.

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So your dog has been sneezing a lot recently, and you are not sure if you should be concerned since both humans and dogs do.Cat sneezing for days. Try to air out the house real well and keep an eye on her.

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Like humans, there could be many causes of coughing and sneezing in a cat.Sneezing is an reflex reaction caused by an irritation to the nasal passage.

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Looking for information on what to do if your cat keeps sneezing.

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A sneeze here and there is normally not a problem, but if your cat keeps sneezing consistently.

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A list of diseases and related symptoms can be a great resource for cat owners.

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This time of year, it seems like everyone is coughing, sneezing and sniffling.